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Current 2 (3) Gallon Options

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Below are our current "2" gallon plant sizes. Most of these are larger than 2 gallons, but we price them as if they were 2 gallon. These plants are great for spring planting and with proper watering and light placement will do fine through the summer. Not all of them are cold proof, but most can handle all but the most extreme temperatures.

Yaupon Holly

This Dwarf holly will fill out as it grows and create a great base for making a beautiful round shape. (available in both sizes)

Indian Hawthorne

A beautiful name for a beautiful plant. These plants can handle normal Texas winter, but as you may noticed in 2021, it cannot handle extreme cold. (available in both sizes)


These will put out a beautiful red-pink flower as they mature. May have trouble in extreme cold.

Japanese Holly

Great for larger areas. Can grow quite large, but shape up very nicely.

Knock out Double Pink

These are a little higher maintenance, but put up extremely beautiful pink rose flowers is properly cared for.

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