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Hardy Texas Shrubs - Flowering

Spring Bouquet Viburnum

Flowering? Yes - White to Pinkish flowers during spring time

Drought Tolerant - Once Established

Maintenance - Low

Attributes - Beautiful shrub that grows well and fills up space quickly.

Indian Hawthorne

Flowering? Yes - White to Pinkish flowers during spring and fall once mature

Drought Tolerance - Moderate

Maintenance - Low

Attributes - common shrub that is low maintenance and adds color complex with it's unique shade of green.

Canyon Creek Abelia

Flowering - Yes Tubular Pink - Summer to Winter (Flowering appears random, no source information. In my person experience they seem to flower randomly based on the planting conditions and plant age - They are a created in 2001 by the University of Georgia*1)

Drought Tolerant - yes

Attributes - Beautiful green foliage takes on a red hue as it gets kissed by the sun.

Elaeagnus (Silverberry)

Flowering? - Yes Small white flowers in fall

Drought Tolerance - yes

Attributes - Sturdy shrub known for it's dark green leaves textured with a beautiful shining silver.

Gold Mound Spirea

Flowering? - Yes Small Pink Flowers

Drought Tolerance - Moderate

Attributes - Small mounding bush that self propagates with suckers. Popular plant for butterflies.


Flowering - yes - very small white flowers that often go unnoticed Drought Tolerance - yes

Attributes - bright green foliage that stands out with darker green bushes (great for adding a color gradient) They are particularly known for their ease of shape and are commonly found in rows that resemble a box (thus their name).

1) - Mullis, S. (2007, February 23). Shrubs are low beauties. The Augusta Chronicle.

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