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Current 1 Gallon Plant Options

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Below are the current 1 Gallon sized plants that we have in stock. What's great about these plants? They are known to handle Texas heat. Spring and Summer 2021 is a big plant year for Texas due to the record lows that hit in February 2021. While we suggest cold tolerant plants, it should be noted that it's not very likely that we will see weather like that again in our lifetime (knock on wood).

Gardenia (August Beauty)

Gardenias are a medium sized evergreen shrub. This variety, as the name suggests will put out white flowers in august once they mature.

Yaupon Holly

This Dwarf holly will fill out as it grows and create a great base for making a beautiful round shape. (available in both sizes)

Creeping Juniper

It may look rather lack luster now, but this ground spreading juniper will help cover empty spaces in your bed.

Japanese Boxwood

This is perhaps one of the most popular house plants due to its easy of shape and great symmetry that can be created with it. (available in both sizes)

Indian Hawthorne

A beautiful name for a beautiful plant. These plants can handle normal Texas winter, but as you may noticed in 2021, it cannot handle extreme cold. (available in both sizes)

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